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FOA Foundation

A 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation supporting families and individuals struggling with addiction. We support all those on the pathway to recovery, regardless of race, color, creed, gender or sexual orientation.


To educate, empower and embrace families, friends and individuals struggling with addiction by providing support and promoting recovery.


Become the model organization, empowering individuals and families along the continuum of addiction and recovery.


Reduce the stigma of addiction, ensure availability of adequate treatment and recovery support services and influence public opinion regarding the value of recovery.


FOA arose 8 years ago out of a mother’s recognition that if she, as a person in long-term recovery herself, could not comprehend her daughter’s heroin addiction, how could someone with no experience at all deal with this? From a first meeting with six people, FOA has grown to multiple locations, hosting around 100 people a week. FOA is well-respected in the community and is a sought-after resource by many organizations and government entities.

Why FOA?

Recent data has shown that the opioid epidemic hasn’t gone away and in fact, 2021 was the deadliest year yet. In spring of 2022, the DEA has warned local agencies of mass overdoses across the U.S. The endless supply of dangerous drugs, the creation of more potent forms of fentanyl and the mental stress of living with a pandemic for two years have taken its toll.

FOA recognizes that addiction affects all family members and loved ones, not just the person in active addiction. Furthermore, it is often the family member who is in a better position to seek the necessary resources for treatment through FOA.  Because FOA is unique in that it unites everyone at the weekly meetings, education and understanding is free-flowing and the insight gained from the other’s perspective is invaluable. 

FOA has connected hundreds of people to treatment and respects every pathway to recovery and vets every resource it recommends.

What We Do

FOA has a unique support system that focuses on success, hope and solutions. You are not alone.

FOA rebuilds families and transforms lives through the 3 Es: Educate, Empower and Embrace. Through weekly support meetings in various locations, navigation, one-on-one phone support and outreach opportunities, FOA is a sought-after and respected resource. FOA is unique because we provide support for the entire family together and advocate for individuals to find their face and voice, which is key to eliminating the stigma associated with addiction.

FOA is proving every day that treatment is available and that people are getting better.

FOA Programs & Strengths

FOA fills many of the gaps in our current system and improves the quality of life of those we touch. Because we know that you can’t do it alone, we plan to continue growing and fighting for individuals and families affected by addiction.


  • Weekly meetings for all who are affected by or curious about addiction and recovery
  • Creates a culture of understanding, respect and compassion 
  • Provides strategies for family support and obtaining and sustaining recovery  
  • Creates an atmosphere that promotes the sharing of lived experiences of addicts and those affected by addiction
  • Disbands myths and negative stigmas about addiction and recovery



  • Encourages a culture of transparency through messaging and modeling
  • Advocates for recovery resources when a person does not have the ability to advocate for themselves 
  • Acts as advocate and liaison between the person and the resources
  • Annual FOA Rally 4 Recovery
    • Unites the people and resources of the Miami Valley Region
    • Eliminates the stigma associated with addiction 
    • Educates about addiction and recovery
    • Celebrates and shows that recovery is possible and that it works!


Resource Connection

  • Networking to build and maintain relationships with the resources in our communities
  • Families are slow to find the proper resources with the current system, FOA fills that gap
  • Expedite recovery solutions and resource engagement
  • FOA is not financed by any treatment facility or resource, therefore our guidance is not influenced by funding or other assistance

FOA fills many of the gaps in our current system and improves the quality of life of those we touch. Because we know that you can’t do it alone, we plan to continue growing and fighting for individuals and families affected by addiction. 

Will you help us continue to work for this very important cause? 

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FOA Foundation Board Members


2023 FOA Board of Directors:

President: Sandy Woodruff
Vice President: Becky Walsh
Treasurer: Julie Clemons


Shane Manson
Joe Collins
Renena Hale
Jill Bucaro
Jennie McConnaughey
Denis Egan
Aaron Laine

Executive Director: Anita Kitchen
Founder: Lori Erion 

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